Kim 'Chunky' Gent is a Goldfields artist,

who crafts discarded timber into stunning, unique furniture, homewares and the infamous #NullarborBeads.



Find a one off piece that can't be found anywhere else in the world. 

40 Oroya St - Just Near the Superpit Lookout


Chunky has been crafting one - off timber pieces in the Goldfields since 2001, and can tell you exactly where every piece comes from. 

He produces close to zero waste, turning the smallest off cuts into tumbled and handcrafted Nullarbor Beads. 

All crafted items are made from the most beautiful gnarled, dense timbers; his major work taking years to make from 'tree to table.' 

You will find the studio showroom just near the Superpit Lookout, where you can experience this region and participate in a hands on workshop with the artist. 

Claim your slice of the Goldfields.

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