#Chunkyboards Care Instructions

Wooden cutting boards need to be kept clean and daily maintenance is a good scrub with hot soapy water after using.  All Chunky Timber Co. boards are oiled using environmentally friendly and food safe, ‘Gilly's Australia Orange Oil’.

DO NOT: Soak your boards or in water or they will crack and warp!


DO NOT: Wash your boards in a dishwasher or they will crack and warp!


Maintain your boards with regular oiling to keep them from drying out.


Chunky Timber Co. recommends using ‘Gilly's Australia Orange Oil’.


You will find it available in our showroom, or visit www.gillysaustralia.com.au


Your Oiling schedule will vary depending on how much you use your board, you may oil, about once a month, or once or twice a year while some people like to oil on a weekly basis.

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