It's a lucky dip of beautiful beads!!!

Handcrafted from reclaimed local Kalgoorlie Goldfields timbers making each wooden bead keyring uniquely beautiful. Beads are oiled using environmentally friendly and food safe, Gilly Stephenson's oils.  Have the Artisan surprise you with your very own individual key ring, hand selected for yourself or someone special.


Add customised pyrographic artwork. Add a letter, name or design to your keyring on a larger feature bead.


Pyrography is the art of burning an image into wood.  It creates such a unique effect. You can have personalised pyrography added to any Chunky Timber Co. or Nullarbor Beads products.


Artwork will be a stylised representation of the image that you choose. 

Please ensure you fill out all contact details at the checkout so the artist may contact you as needed. 


Please also allow additional time for delivery - All delivery estimations are for standard products only, customised products may take 1-2weeks longer.


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Nullarbor Beads - Lucky Dip Key Rings


    *Add custom text or design by our pyrographic artist HERE

    **Wholesale orders always welcomed.

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    Select the perfect large Nullarbor Beads feature piece and burn your own creative design to customise it for beautiful jewellery, creative keyrings or one of a kind Chris...
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