Whale Tail Paddles speak of the bounty of nature found in our Great Southern waters.  Use these boards for preparation, serving meals, snacks or drinks, or use and an exquisite centrepiece.  Available in 3 approx. sizes and with cheese slicer option:

  • Blue Whale Tail, The largest boards weighing in at  60 - 70cm  - $120 / $150 laminated
  • Right Whale Tail, Long tapas boards weighing in at 50 - 60cm - $75  / $110 laminated
  • Orca Whale Tail, Stocky little boards weighing at 40 - 50cm - $55  / $75 laminated
  • Cheese Slicer Style + $15


Handcrafted from a mixture of reclaimed local Kalgoorlie Goldfields Gum making each solid laminated or natural timber Chunky Board Unique.  Boards are oiled using environmentally friendly and food-safe, Gilly's Australia orange oil.


Chunky is an Artisan, so he's always getting creative and working with the timbers natural feel.  Some boards feature Nullarbor beads resin features, ropes, handles etc.  


Have the Artisan surprise you with your very own Whale Tailboard, or ask for pics to choose and Chunky will send a snapshot of what's in the studio for you to choose before we ship.


Wholesale custom orders available upon request. 

Whale Tail Paddle Boards


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